A few months ago, I heard the words that no hair-obsessed hair-loving mom wants to hear:  "Mom, I want short hair like (fill-in-the-blank)."  See, about two years ago, I had grown tired of what had become our daily standard (two inside-out French braids, aka "Dutch" braids), so had ventured online and discovered the wonderful world of hair blogs.  Since then, there has never been a dull hair moment in our house.  Even in the midst of grad school.  And then a new baby.  I. love. hair.  And it's a nice way to bond with my daughter. 

So, when confronted with my daughter's comment about cutting her hair, like any hair-obsessed mom (or perhaps there are those of you out there that are bigger than me), I simply said something benign like "Oh, really?" and changed the subject, hoping she wouldn't bring it up again.  But she did.  Several times over the next few weeks.  Finally, I resigned myself to the inevitable.  *sigh*  I never want my hobby of doing my daughter's hair to make her feel like her hair is not hers.  And it seemed like this desire of hers was not going to conveniently be forgotten.  So we discussed.  I told her about Locks of Love; her hair was not quite long enough, so (bless her heart!) she wanted to wait until it was.  I relished my last two months of having long hair to work with, and then, at last, we measured again, and her hair reached the dreaded "10" on my measuring tape.  It was time for the cut!  And no, this is not a squirrel (ah, if only)...

Little Miss joyfully comforts me, reminding me that it will grow back, and that, in the meantime, I can experiment with shorty styles on her.  Why yes, Little Miss, I can!  But I didn't have to scour my beloved hair blogs to know that there are not a lot of hair moms whose daughters have short hair; hence, not many shorty styles posted.  (Although there are some wonderful exceptions to this.)  So, thinking that there are probably other moms out there like me, I decided to duck my head out of the shadows and join the hair-blog-o-sphere, first with predominantly short styles, and then hopefully longer ones as Little Miss' hair grows back.  Little Miss, despite her shorty locks, is excited to participate, and enthusiastically tells me, "Mom, you can do my hair when it's short OR long!"  *sigh*  Words to warm a hair-loving mother's heart. 

This would be Little Miss doing the "new haircut dance."  It is an awfully cute cut.  ;)

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