Monday, September 3, 2012

Curlformers on Very Short Hair

Little Miss and I are big fans of Curlformers.  She actually begs me to use them on her hair.  Seriously.  So we were curious as to whether they would work on her new haircut.  I emphasized to her that this was an experiment, and may not work.  So we checked out Fiddler on the Roof from the library, and we all watched it (well, not Little Mister) while I Curlformed her hair.  For those of you who haven't tried Curlformers, you part out a little section of hair, twist it, and then, using a long hook that they provide, you pull the hair down through one of the pink or orange spirals shown in the picture.  We do it at night, with her hair slightly damp, and then she sleeps in them.  In the morning, we take them out and have curls!  Babes in Hairland has a great tutorial on using them, which is how I learned how to use them.  :)

For Little Miss' super short hair, I did two things differently than with her long hair:
(1) I used smaller sections of hair, so I'd have a better chance of getting more of her hair into a Curlformer.
(2) I left the bottom in the back un-Curlformed, as you can see below. It was simply too short!  I hoped that the curled sections above it would hide the straight-ness underneath after it was all done, which is mostly what happened. 

So... did it work?  Well, it was definitely a different experience than with long hair!  Little Miss came into our room around four in the morning, holding about nine Curlformers that had fallen out.  I groggily sent her back to bed, assuring her that we'd make it work in the morning.  I think they fell out from some of the back sections (that probably only had an inch of hair in them!), but quite honestly, I didn't miss them!  So I probably could have left out a bunch more hair in the back.  The Curlformers did produce cute curls (like always).  Before church, I fluffed and separated her curls, did a quick pull-through with the front section, and took these pics...

In any case, Little Miss got her curls, so she was happy.  After church, we went to the park for a while, and it was pretty muggy out.  Although the curls weren't as ringlet-y by then, she still came home with cute waves in her hair, without even using any product.  My verdict?  Not bad.  We'll probably do it again while her hair is still short.  And definitely continue to do it as her hair gets longer!  What's your favorite method for curling your daughter's (or your own!) hair?

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  1. My fav way to curl my hair is curling iron. My hair is about as long as Jennas! After seeing these curling things, I'm thinging it might be fun to try this look on me?! Do you have any tips for Mother/Daughter go together styles? Or anything that involves a Mamaw?


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