Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, all!  And happy holidays!  Little Miss and I are back in action, and hoping to post again every so often.  Finishing grad school and moving back across the country and just life in general have gotten in the way.  ;)  I'm also in the midst of launching a writing career, and will share links soon!  Thank you for all the love and visits, even while we've been AWOL.  We have a fun holiday hairstyle to share today...just in time for Christmas!  Little Miss asked for a Christmas tree.  Now this is nothing unique...I know I've seen these around; not sure where I saw them first, so please, I'm not trying to steal anybody's thunder. 
Here's our twist on the Christmas tree... Enjoy!

Start with a deep side part.  I usually part Little Miss' hair on her left side, as I did below.  Then part out a section to the side of the part and tie it off with an elastic, like so... (I used a yellow elastic; that's supposed to be the star at the top of the tree.)

Next, part out another long section below the one you just did.  Part that equally into two sections, tying half of the hair from the elastic above into each section.  These are the green elastics below.  

Continue doing this for two more long sections, or as desired, increasing the number of sections per row by one each time.  I made some of the elastics red.  They're supposed to be ornaments on the tree.  :)  And here's the finished product...

Happy holidays, everyone!  Hope you're able to enjoy some meaningful time with family and friends.  :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ladder Pigtails

Little Miss' hair is ALMOST long enough for pigtails!  We didn't quite make it all the way down to include all of the hair in the back.  This style was helpful in getting all of the hair on the sides into the style, though.  And if your hair model has longer hair, this could easily be continued down the back of the head to make (more complete) pigtails.  I actually did this style on Little Miss for the first time just before she got her hair cut, and joined the two pigs in back to make a half-back instead of pigtails.  You can do that, too!  It's very versatile.  (By the way, these pics were taken during a warm spell a couple of weeks ago... so she's not out shivering in the December cold.  It was actually up around 60!  And we weren't out for very long.  ;)  )

Part the hair down the middle.  Part out a section at the front of the head as shown below; take not just the hair on top, but also the hair all the way down on the left (in this case).  Tie it off with an elastic.  I like to do all of the lefthand ponies in one color and the righthand in another color. 
Now, part back towards the back of the head right behind that elastic for an inch or so.  Then continue horizontally across the top of the head and down all the way on the other side of the head.  Include the loose hair in front from the previous row, but NOT the elastic you already tied off.  Tie this all off with another elastic. 
Part again towards the back of the head for an inch or so, right behind the most recent elastic (yellow in my case).  Continue the part down the left side of the head.  This time, include the hair from the first red elastic (in my case) and tie it off with another elastic.  The 'ladder' ponies are beginning to take shape. 
Continue to do the same thing now, alternating sides.  If you're good, you might be able to choose your parting angle such that you hide the little inch-long parts (that go towards the back of the head) underneath the ponies.  I didn't quite manage to do this this time.  Oh, well.  Next time's a charm! 
Try to make the last sections thinner, so that the very last elastics on each side are even with each other.  And you're done! 
Have a great hair day!! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Diamond Lattice

This is my favorite way to do a woven lattice... well, that being said, there are several different ways that I do it, and it's a little different every time!  So here is ONE way to do a woven lattice.  ;)  I've called it a 'diamond' lattice because I parted the sections of her hair in diamonds.  This style looks absolutely beautiful on long hair... I did (a variation of) this style on my daughter and my (then) 11-year-old niece last Christmas when they were angels for a church play; they looked so sweet!!!  It's done the same way on short hair; the result is just a bit spunkier.  :)

Start with the hair all combed back towards the back of the head. The front section is less of a diamond and more a triangle.  Part this out and secure it with an elastic: 
From the tip of the triangle, continue the part over to her ears on each side at a bit of an arc.  Divide each of these new sections into two shapes resembling diamonds and tie them off.  You now have five sections, like so: 
Here's a side view: 
Now go back to the middle.  I clipped the front triangle section out of the way for this.  Part out another triangle, just behind the first one.  Add half of the two sections on either side (but in front) to it, and tie it off: 
Do the same thing to the left of the new triangle, only make a diamond now, just like you did at this point in the front: 
Continue the part down, parallel to the first part across the head, to create one last section, adding in the rest of the hair from the section in front of it: 
Do the same on the other side.  You now have 10 sections altogether (5 in the row in front, 5 in the row in back of that).  Now unclip that front triangle section's hair.  Make two little sections at the back, adding half of that front section into each.  Also add in the last little pony (down by the ears) on each side.  It sticks out funny if left to its own devices.  ;)  You're done!  You'll end up with five little ponies in the back. 

Have a great hair day!  Enjoying the colder weather yet?  ;)