Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, all!  And happy holidays!  Little Miss and I are back in action, and hoping to post again every so often.  Finishing grad school and moving back across the country and just life in general have gotten in the way.  ;)  I'm also in the midst of launching a writing career, and will share links soon!  Thank you for all the love and visits, even while we've been AWOL.  We have a fun holiday hairstyle to share today...just in time for Christmas!  Little Miss asked for a Christmas tree.  Now this is nothing unique...I know I've seen these around; not sure where I saw them first, so please, I'm not trying to steal anybody's thunder. 
Here's our twist on the Christmas tree... Enjoy!

Start with a deep side part.  I usually part Little Miss' hair on her left side, as I did below.  Then part out a section to the side of the part and tie it off with an elastic, like so... (I used a yellow elastic; that's supposed to be the star at the top of the tree.)

Next, part out another long section below the one you just did.  Part that equally into two sections, tying half of the hair from the elastic above into each section.  These are the green elastics below.  

Continue doing this for two more long sections, or as desired, increasing the number of sections per row by one each time.  I made some of the elastics red.  They're supposed to be ornaments on the tree.  :)  And here's the finished product...

Happy holidays, everyone!  Hope you're able to enjoy some meaningful time with family and friends.  :)

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