Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Perfect Headband

Now that Little Miss' hair is short, she has decided that she looks like Snow White when she wears a headband, thereby increasing the demand for headband-wearing in our house.  But several of her headbands are the slippery kind.  If I send her to school in one of them, between recess, rest time, and just general passage of time, she comes home looking quite disheveled.  Actually, those pesky front wisps of hair are so short now that they really won't stay behind a slippery headband for more than a minute on their own!  So here's the trick I've been using to get the slippery headbands to look like they're actually doing the work of holding her hair back, when they're really just there to look pretty...

Start with hair parted on the side, which is Little Miss' default part with this haircut.  In these pictures, her hair was blow-dried with a round brush earlier in the day.  Then slick down the front section of the larger side with a non-greasy-looking hair paste.  I like Aveda's Control Paste for this.

Next, part out that same front section loosely (I did right above the middle of her ear), twist it towards the back just once, and secure above/behind the ear with criss-crossed bobby pins.  (Below, I'm holding the rest of her hair out of the way so you can see the bobbies in place.) 

Place the headband in place, on top of the bobbies, and let the hair from behind the bobbies flop forward to cover them up.  And voila!  A Snow-White-worthy headband! 

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