Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dutch Braid Pull-Backs

Simple.  Sweet.  This is just 3 Dutch braids (aka "inside-out" French braids) going straight back into two pull-backs.  Two of the 3 braids are pulled together for one of the pull-backs to give a little more visual interest.  You probably don't need more than this, but if you do, here are brief instructions...

Start with a large box part on top of the head (seriously, with her short hair, I feel like 90% of my styles start this way these days!).  Then part that into two sections, with one slightly larger than the other.  Dutch-braid the smaller one:
Then divide the remaining section into two, Dutch-braid each of those sections, and join them with one elastic.  Try to get the pull-backs even, and similar in their spoutiness:
Add bows and hit the park!  (or school, errands, etc.)

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