Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pull-Though Headband

This style reminds me of a look that was really popular about a decade ago for bridesmaids.  At least for weddings that I happened to attend!  Especially bridesmaids with shorter hair.  Except I think those were twisted sections of hair pulled back.  Anyway, this is nothing new, but it's a cute way to keep short hair out of the face for an active day of play.  (Of course, for us, it's too hot today to stay outside... Little Miss took her scooter out on a short walk with Daddy earlier and they both came home sweaty and tired.  So we'll be finding "active play" inside the house.  Lucky us.)  Here goes with the style... It's really quite simple.

I started with her hair parted off VERY slightly to one side, and used my usual water to slick the morning cowlicks out of her hair.  Then, if she had had longer hair, I probably would have made a part across the top of her head (along the coronal plane, for any med-types out there) and bound the back half into a temporary pony.  This would have kept it out of my way and ensured a straight part.  Oh, well.  With short hair, I eyeballed the part each time.  So I first sectioned off a small piece right in the middle of her head and tied it off with an elastic:

Next, I finished doing this for the front half of her head.  Side note:  Notice her lovely outfit?  That would be a pick by Little Miss.  I like to encourage independence (especially when we're not going anywhere... know what I mean???), so when the choices are a little on the--er, creative--side, I try to coordinate the colors of her hair elastics to give some unity to the outfit!  Elastics used with pull-throughs often don't end up showing much, but hey, it makes me feel better.  ;)

Finally, I just went through with my Topsy Tail and did a pull-through on each section.  Here's a tip about the Topsy Tail... especially on styles that have a lot of pull-throughs like this one.  Because of the shape, sometimes it can catch a little bit when pulling it through.  It helps if you can squeeze the "O" of the Topsy Tail, just until the first part of it gets through.  Fewer "ow" 's this way.  Like this: 

And the finished product...

This style ended up lasting us three days!  On Day 2, the hair in back of the headband started flopping forward into her face a bit.  You could probably minimize this by making the headband go further back on her head.  Here is how I modified it on Day 3 to keep the hair out of her face.  This would be a great style for camping or a vacation or anytime you know you won't want to spend a lot of time on your daughter's hair but will still want to keep it cute & out of her face. 

Happy hair-doing!

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