Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crown of Streamers (Ribbon PT Style #2)

I LOVE the way this style turned out!  The pictures don't do it justice... we went for a walk, and the breeze picked up strands of Little Miss' hair, together with the ribbons, and blew them around, and then they landed neatly back where they had been found.  A beautiful style with just enough fun added to get a four-year-old's buy-in.  I think this style would be perfect for a birthday party or for a school spirit day, just changing the colors as needed.

I recommend choosing and cutting your ribbon before you begin this style.  I did 7 sections; you can do more or less as you want.  Keep in mind that if you're alternating colors and you want the two on either side of her face to match, you should use an odd number of sections.  Cut one piece of ribbon for each section, each a couple of inches longer than twice the length of her hair.  Again, I had 7 sections, so 7 pieces of ribbon; 3 were gold, 4 were light pink. 

Start with damp hair, and do a large circle part on top of her head.  (It took me a few times to get this right; I'm not used to circles!)  I banded this off so you could see it better:
Then part out the first section, as shown below.  Think of the circle as a pizza, and each section as a slice.  Bind up the rest of the hair from the circle again until you part off the next section.  Just a reminder... when doing ribbon pull-throughs, tie the elastic a little further from the scalp than you would for a regular pull-through...
Wrap and tie the ribbon, as described in THIS POST, making sure that the knot is on the underside.  Do a pull-through, making sure to include the two ribbon ends as you go through.  It should look like this now: 
Continue parting out sections, going around the head, until you end up back at the front, where you started.  Wrap ribbon and do a ribbon pull-through for each little pony, alternating colors if you wish.  Just a tip... to get the knot on the underside and tie it tightly, I actually clipped the pony out of the way after I wrapped it.  Like so (this is after clipping, and BEFORE tying):
Now go around the head and trim the ends of all of the ribbons so they hang about even with the hair.  If your daughter has layered hair, like Little Miss, I think it looks best to trim them to be even with the top layer of hair.  And here's the finished product...
Have a great day!

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