Friday, November 16, 2012

Diamond Lattice

This is my favorite way to do a woven lattice... well, that being said, there are several different ways that I do it, and it's a little different every time!  So here is ONE way to do a woven lattice.  ;)  I've called it a 'diamond' lattice because I parted the sections of her hair in diamonds.  This style looks absolutely beautiful on long hair... I did (a variation of) this style on my daughter and my (then) 11-year-old niece last Christmas when they were angels for a church play; they looked so sweet!!!  It's done the same way on short hair; the result is just a bit spunkier.  :)

Start with the hair all combed back towards the back of the head. The front section is less of a diamond and more a triangle.  Part this out and secure it with an elastic: 
From the tip of the triangle, continue the part over to her ears on each side at a bit of an arc.  Divide each of these new sections into two shapes resembling diamonds and tie them off.  You now have five sections, like so: 
Here's a side view: 
Now go back to the middle.  I clipped the front triangle section out of the way for this.  Part out another triangle, just behind the first one.  Add half of the two sections on either side (but in front) to it, and tie it off: 
Do the same thing to the left of the new triangle, only make a diamond now, just like you did at this point in the front: 
Continue the part down, parallel to the first part across the head, to create one last section, adding in the rest of the hair from the section in front of it: 
Do the same on the other side.  You now have 10 sections altogether (5 in the row in front, 5 in the row in back of that).  Now unclip that front triangle section's hair.  Make two little sections at the back, adding half of that front section into each.  Also add in the last little pony (down by the ears) on each side.  It sticks out funny if left to its own devices.  ;)  You're done!  You'll end up with five little ponies in the back. 

Have a great hair day!  Enjoying the colder weather yet?  ;)


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