Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Braided Headband for Very Short Hair

My fingers have been aching to braid again!  I love doing all kinds of styles on my daughter's hair, but braiding and latticing/weaving are probably my favorites.  Thus was today's style born.  This is a version of's "Barbie Hairstyle," which I've adapted for super short hair.  That being said, Little Miss' hair is a little too short even for this adaptation.  It's a little challenging to hold the braid with such short strands.  But we made it work.  Read on for instructions...

Since Little Miss' hair is in no way long enough for a complete headband, I only did the "headband" on the longer side.  So I started with her default side part, and then parted out the section of hair to be braided.  I decided to use a wavy part, although I did not make the braid itself curve back-and-forth with the part.  Honestly, that may have looked cuter, but I completely forgot!  Maybe I'll try that when her hair's a little longer.  :)  To make the wavy part, I first parted off the front ("bangs") section and secured it out of the way with a hair band temporarily.

Next, I made a wavy part parallel to the first, about an inch behind it.  I secured the hair after this second part with a few unadorned alligator clips, leaving the hair in between the two parts loose to be braided.

(Again, her hair is not greasy in these pics; it's the water I use to smooth her hair while styling it.)  Next, I did an inside-out French braid along the strip of isolated hair, cornrow-like.  I had to secure it a bit sooner than I would've liked, since the hairs got so short! 

Finally, I removed the hair band from the front section, smoothed it back with water and a comb, gave it a quick twist, and joined it to the braid with an elastic.

Add a bow, and you're done!

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