Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twin Pull-Backs & A Tip

One of those mornings?  Kids didn't want to get up or get ready, discovered you were out of shampoo (while in the shower), and a coffee spill involved somewhere?  This is the perfect type of style.  Just do a side part, part out two squares on the larger side, and tie each one with an elastic.  It looks just a little bit more "done" than only one pull-back, and it's actually easier than one when your daughter has REALLY short hair.  I add matching bows.  And just a tip... I almost never let a bow (alligator clip or French barrette) hold hair in place on its own.  They never stay put for me.  So I tie off what I want tied off with a little elastic and slip the clip in on top, just grabbing a token amount of hair:

Have a better day than your morning was!  And don't forget to buy shampoo...

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