Sunday, September 2, 2012

Waves and a Palm Tree

Palm tree, whale spout, whatever you call it... this is a style that was born for shorter hair!  You can, of course, do this style with longer hair, but it doesn't produce quite the same spout-y effect.  Pull-throughs on the diagonal leading up to the palm tree create a nice visual effect, and I think they look a little like waves.  You could take this style to the beach!  (We took it to the carousel, as you can see.) 

Start with a large rectangle parted out on top of her head, as shown below.

Then part off the first section in the front right corner.  You can decide how big you want it and how sharp the angle.

Do a pull-through, with a Topsy Tail if you have one...

Then part off the next section and combine it with the first in a small elastic.  Do another pull-through.

And so on, until you get to the end of the rectangle.  Combine it all together and DON'T do a pull-through.  Tie it closer to the scalp to make it spoutier.  I ended up with four "waves" and then the palm tree.  They get a little bigger with each successive one, since you're adding the hair together as you go, so tie each one off just a little bit further from the scalp, to make it easier to pull them through.  You can tighten them after the pull-through. 

Ta da!  Happy hair-doing!

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