Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mini-Buns with Dutch Braid Accent

We took this style to dance class today (can you tell??).  Two tiny buns with a braid going into one. 

As (almost) always :) , start with a large box part on top of her head.  Then part out an arc at the front of her head: 
Do a Dutch braid (inside-out French braid), starting on the left (or whichever side you prefer), and braiding out as far as you can after using up the hair in the arc.  Secure with a temporary hair band. 
Then you're going to split the remaining hair into two little ponies.  I collected more hair in the one on the left, since the one on the right was going to have the hair from the braid combined into it, too.  To make this look less unbalanced, I used a diagonal part. 
Then turn the two little ponies into two little buns... Use whatever method you prefer (classic, messy, etc.).  I did classic buns, but they ended up looking pretty "messy" since her hair is so short.  I used about 4 bobby pins for each, and tried to have them overlap when possible for extra security.  Here's a close-up of the first mini-bun...
And the finished product, with cute bows to match her dance outfit...

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