Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Play-Date Piggies

Sometimes hair just needs to be kept out of the face.  Am I right?  There are definitely times for letting it fly free, too, but today was a sides-up day.  (By the way, I'm still excited we can pull this off...even if we have to use step ponies to do it!)  Little Miss had a friend coming over today, and I wanted her to be able to cavort without being bugged by her hair.  (She's not crying in the picture above, she's actually holding two tiny dolls up by her face for them to be in the picture too!  :)  ) 

I didn't take a lot of step-by-step pics for this one... I think it's easy to figure out by looking at it.  The trickiest part for me was tying off the lower sections before the upper while keeping the hair for the upper out of the way.  And in general, keeping hair out of the way while working (an everyday challenge for us with short hair!). 

Start with a part down the center of her head.  In the pics below, I had already finished the right side of her head, and will show you the left side as I did it.  Part off the row for the two front sections.  Divide that front row in half.  Have your daughter hold the top section out of the way, clip the back hair out of the way, and tie off the lower section neatly with an elastic. 
 Join the hair from the lower section to the upper section with another elastic. 
Use the same procedure for the next row back.  Finally, part out a final section with a bit of a wedge shape to it, as shown below.  Combine everything together there with your final elastic. 
Do the same on the other side, and you're play-ready!  Great for painting, cooking, messy projects, swimming, mud/garden, etc. 

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