Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ribbon Braids Over the Top (Ribbon PT Style #4)

Ribbon braids and ribbon pull-throughs working together... This is a fun style, and you can change the ribbon colors as you want to match an outfit or celebrate a holiday. 

To begin, part out 6 sections on top of her head, with 3 smaller and 3 bigger, as in the picture below.  Tie off the smaller 3 with elastics, and the bigger 3 with hair bands that you'll remove (and likely with only one hand, so make them easy to take out!).  Do comb/smooth out the larger sections now, though, since it'll be hard to do later: 
 Here's a close-up of the smaller three: 
Do a ribbon pull-through with each smaller section, pulling the hair & ribbons up through the section, towards the other side of her head.  It should look like this now: 
Now do a ribbon braid with each section, using the hair as one strand and each of the two ribbon halves as the other two strands.  Remove the temporary hair band from the larger section and secure the ribbon braid to that section with an elastic.  Wrap the ends of the ribbon to hide the elastic and tie a bow.  Trim the ends of the ribbons to be even-ish with her hair.  You can then leave as is or do another pull-through with that bottom elastic in each section. 
Here it is without the last sections being pulled-through (she's squinting in the sunlight, below).  I lost my pic of the style with those sections pulled through, but it's cute that way, too!  You get the idea...

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