Friday, October 19, 2012

Spunky Ribbon Headband (Ribbon PT Style #5)

Welcome to the fifth (and final) ribbon pull-through post!  I love the cute look this style has... This is a short-hair version of a style I used to do on Little Miss' long hair way back when.  *Sniff!*  I first got the idea from a post by Princess Hairstyles, although now that I look back at that post, I am realizing that the technique I use has evolved to be more different from the post than I remembered!  The short-hair version is a little spunkier and takes into account the fact that short hair won't reach as far as long hair  :)  ...

Make a part from ear to ear, over the top of the head.  Clip the back hair out of the way as necessary.  From the hair in front of the part, part out a square on one side just above her ear.  Secure it with an elastic and do a ribbon pull-through, using about a 2-foot-long 1/4" satin ribbon (or whatever you'd rather): 
Wrap the ribbon around the piece of hair after the pull-through to make an "X."  Part out the next square and combine the ribbon-wrapped piece of hair with it in an elastic. 
Wrap & tie the ribbon around the elastic, and do another ribbon pull-through.  This makes 2 sections.  I did this for 3 sections on the first side, and 2 sections on the other side.  With the hair leftover in between the two halves of the headband, I tied everything all together with an elastic and tied a bow around the elastic with the ribbon.  Make sense?  So 6 equal sections in the headband altogether, but the palm tree was off-center, being in one of the two squares on the very top of her head.  (The other square of the top two was included in that side's part of the headband.)  I hope that makes sense; I didn't get great pics for this part! 
And the finished product...
As I mentioned above, I used to do this style on Little Miss' long hair... The main difference is that instead of pulling the sections up when you pull them through, you pull them down.  Each half is still done by itself, and then the two ends are tied together with a little elastic at the back of her head, underneath her hair.  On top, I closed the gap between the two halves with a wider ribbon of the same color or a similar color.  The longer version gives much more of a headband look... When we went to Disneyland, Little Miss dressed up as Snow White, and this was the Snow White hair I did for her.  It was very cute!  She got lots of compliments from the princesses.  :)  

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  1. I really like your site! Lots of inspiration for someone trying slightly simpler styles (my kid is shier - no ribbons for her!).

    I'm quite bad at following directions, but I'm excited to try some of your suggestions.

    Especially. the. ribbon headband. They always slipped from MY hair as a kid. I think I'll try it on my own hair now!

  2. Great! Glad you're enjoying the site! I hope the headband works for you. :)


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