Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pull-Through Waterfall

Waterfall braids are very popular on hair blogs right now.  Here's an easy faker version that I saw posted somewhere online by a blog reader.  It's got a very cute, clean look to it.  Little Miss and I have been doing this one a lot lately. 

Start with a side part.  Part out the front section of hair and bind it off with an elastic, but not right against the head...
Do a pull-through at an angle, as shown below: 
Part off another rectangle behind the front one and bind it off, adding a little hair from the front section to it (and leaving most of the hair from the front section hanging down). 
Do another pull-through.  Keep this up for as many sections as you like.  We did five: 
Have a good hair day!  Thanks for reading.  :)


  1. Hey there! I wanted to let you know that I linked to you at the beginning of a post today.

    Also, I will be posting about you again when I use this style in a post! Happy blogging! ;)

  2. Great! Thanks for the link! I look forward to seeing your post. :)

  3. I followed Shauna's link :) I have five girls, always, always, always looking for good hair blogs! Love your blog already!

    1. I was reading your blog earlier today, also thanks to Shauna! ;) I appreciate your realism & sense of humor about being a mom and balancing life. Thanks for the kind words! :)


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