Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spiderweb Hairstyle on Short Hair

Happy Halloween (almost)!  I don't know about little ones at your house, but Little Miss was ecstatic when I reminded her this morning that tomorrow is Halloween.  As a result, this hairstyle was a hit.  I must say this is a spiderweb with artistic license!  I think it does look a little like one, though.  And Little Miss absolutely loved it, especially with the Halloween pony-o's that I made to go with it.  (I think she may be almost as ribbon-crazy as me these days.)  It was a little hard to get her to settle down for pics, but she finally did.  :)  The tutorial for the pony-o's is HERE.  Keep reading for the hairstyle...

Start with a deep circle part on top of her head: 
Divide that in half, and secure with temporary hair bands: 
To one half, divide in half again, and divide each of those halves in half again.  (There will be a total of 8 sections, 4 per half.)  Tie off all of them EXCEPT the one shown in the picture as having a pink, bulkier hair band with elastics.  Tie them off as close to the outskirts of the circle as the length of hair will allow for them to still be able to reach across the circle afterwards. 
Do the same to the other side.  The temporary hair band on the left side below is white: 
Now, here's the idea:  The two sections that you have that are tied off with temporary hair bands are going to be the two pull-backs/whale spouts/whatever-you-want-to-call-them.  The three little ponies from the opposite side will cross the head to join each pull-back.  To do this, I started with the right pull-back.  I did a pull-through on the three little ponies from the other side that were going to join the pull-back, pulling them through such that they were oriented towards their destination.  See below: 
Then I twisted each strand, finally joining them all together with the pull-back.  I removed the temporary hair band and tied it all off with an elastic.  See?: 
Now for the other side, and we'll incorporate the weaving.  Do a pull-through for the three sections destined for joining the left side, again orienting the pull-through towards the pull-back they will join.  Now use your Topsy Tail on the upper two to weave them.  They should each go over one strand and under one strand from the other side, and it should be opposite of the order for the two.  Make sense? 
The furthest-back section can just cross over the opposite side; no weaving necessary.  Then twist each section, in the opposite direction of the other side, and join it all together with the pull-back.  Voila!  Finished product, sans pony-o's: 
And WITH pony-o's: 
(You can tell we had some fun here.  :)  ) 

Happy Halloween!  Stay safe and have fun!!!  

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