Friday, November 2, 2012

Easy Woven Pull-Backs

This style incorporates the same weaving technique as our Spiderweb Hairstyle, but on a much simpler scale.  And can I just say... We have sides up for pull-backs, people!  That's right, and without step ponies to help!  Okay, yes, I get excited about the little things, but I am thrilled with every millimeter of length that Little Miss' hair grows back!  She's been saying she misses her long hair; not sure if she can just tell that I do, or if she really does, or both, but hey, I'll take it!  :)  I'm sure I've seen variations of this style online somewhere, so as always, I apologize if I'm posting your style and not giving you credit! 

Start with four little squares up front, and tie them off with elastics.
And sorry, I didn't take step-by-step pics for the next parts.  But hopefully you can make sense of it all by looking at the pics below of the finished product.  Make an ear-to-ear part across the top of the head, and divide that hair into two pull-backs.  Tie them off with elastics, leaving out the four little ponies up front.  Next, take the two little ponies on the right and join them to the pull-back on the left.  Take the two on the left and, using a Topsy Tail or a plastic craft needle (not sharp) or your fingers, cross the first little pony OVER the first from the other side, then UNDER the second.  Do the opposite with the other little pony on the left.  Join them to the pull-back on the right.
Add bows, and you're off!  With winter approaching and days getting shorter (and colder), we're trying to find the best place to take pics inside, since it's still not light out and about 30-40 degrees F out when she leaves for school in the mornings!  So bear with us as we try different spots... :)

Have a great hair day!


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