Friday, November 9, 2012

Pull-Through Squares

This is a more involved variation of the pull-through waterfall style.  A fun 'do, and it lasted for longer than a day, which is always nice to have as an option when you're busy!  ;) 

Start with a side part:
Part out a little square just to the side of the part, and do a pull-through, angling it towards the corner, as shown in the picture below: 
Part out another little square just behind the first.  Before you tie it off, add in half the hair from the first pull-through (leaving the other half hanging down).  Then do a pull-through...
Continue this pattern for another two squares (or as desired), until you have a row like this...
Now back up to the front of the head.  Part off a little square (getting the theme here? ;)  ) to the side of the first square in front.  Before tying it off, add in the hair hanging down from the first square.  Then do a pull-through... 
For the next square, add in BOTH the hair from the square it's next to in the previous row AND half the hair from the square in front of it.  Continue this for another two squares, until you have two full rows: 
And finally, do another row just like the second row.  You will have hair hanging down on the side of her head (the right side, in this case), but not in the back.  (Or you can choose to try it leaving hair out in the back, too!) 
 Have a great hair day!  ;) 

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  1. I love this! We're still working on growing out my daughter's bangs, and this is a perfect way to keep them out of her face!


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